Hey! I’m Suzy Shattuck and I am 24 years young. I have a husband named Steven and a dog named Boss.




Steven and I met in college. (Fun fact: He is an amazing Hip Hop dancer and we met in a dance group.) We have been married for three years and it has been such an amazing adventure! We love to travel and have moved about seven times in the past three years. I have loved fashion since I was young, and would beg my mom to buy my the craziest clothes so that I could express myself. I think that the thing I most love about it, is that you can be a different person every day and really discover who you are. I am not a very serious person and am constantly looking for a good laugh. If you are a fan of 90s R&B, random dancing, and miniature dogs… we will get along just fine. I started this site as a creative outlet and love sharing my ideas and the fun stuff that I am up to. Thanks so much for stopping by, enjoy!