What is up ladies! (and men) The summer is coming to a close. I want to cry, but I also love fall…I am torn! I wanted to show you some of my fave back to school outfit inspiration from one of my favorite stores, H&M! Everything that we are wearing (minus the shoes) are currently at H&M, I LOVE what they have right now. Ps. Everything worn in this post is under $40 and most of it is under $30. Homegirl does not mess around with those crazy clothing prices these days!

This skirt is 1000 times better in person. It has some ties on each side that I tied into a bow. It is velour and the color is a rusty red. It looks really cute with a casual band tee, or a nice shirt if you are dressing up for an occasion. I got Steven a comfy graphic tee and some camo pants that had some stretch to them. He doesn’t like anything fussy, so this outfit was perfect!

We brought Boss to take these photos because we were hanging out around town after and he would not leave our sides! haha we thought it was cute so we just left him.

 I wear these shoes probably three times a week at least. They are a staple and under $40! 


Skirt: HERE

Shirt: Clearance!

Shoes: HERE


Tee and pants: in store only!

These outfits are a little more casual, but still fun! I went for some bold, red pants and a white and yellow graphic tee. The pop of white in the shoes is my favorite (click the link for the shoes below to see the detail. TO DIE FOR)

A valet parking guy that was standing near us asked to hold Boss while we did photos. He handed him back after about two minutes because Boss was whining for us. hahah so here is Boss just living his best life at the bottom of the photo.

We told him he at least had to smile and pose if he wanted to be in the photos.

^^Don’t wear clothes for boys, wear them so the reflection in the windows as you pass by is POPPINNNNN. hahah


tee: HERE

Pants: HERE

Shoes: HERE

Sunglasses: HERE


Denim Tee: HERE

I had a lot of fun picking out these outfits and I hope you liked them too! If you have a husband/boyfriend that is picky, H&M has tons of great basics that they will go for. I try and weave some funky stuff into Steven’s wardrobe because I love cool prints and crazy stuff, but camo was as crazy as he was having me get this time! haha

Love you all and thanks for stopping by! Tag me in your cute back to school photos!




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