Bad Day? READ THIS TO CHEER UP. (10 reasons your day was less cringey than mine)

Hiiii. Happy Tuesday!

I am pretty lighthearted on my social medias, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have rough days! Some days are lonely, some days I feel like I don’t have a purpose, some days I feel tired, sad, and I get inside my head. I realize that everyone has these types of days and are struggling with even tougher things than I am. I hope that I can be a light in your dark days and help you guys get through the tough times because I know a lot of you have done that for me. It is okay to have a bad day!! Laughing through tough times has always helped me out..

So without further adieu..I present….

Reasons your day is less embarrassing/cringey than some of mine.

  1. My cycle instructor walked by me during class and lifted his hand to cue us and I thought he was going for a high five…I committed to that high five…
  2. Steven’s friend walked into the house and I thought it was Steven and I was singing in the kitchen without clothes on.
  3. I got into the wrong car and the owner watched as I hopped in and tried to turn it on.
  4. I peed my pants while I was at Target with Steven and had to throw away my underwear
  5. I went to the bathroom at a play and accidentally tucked my dress into my tights…after about 20 minutes someone came up and let me know
  6. I got into a guys car that I thought was an Uber…he was just waiting for a friend
  7. I drove to three chick fil a’s and couldn’t find parking (California) and when Steven called to ask where I was my voice cracked (holding back tears) as I was explaining to him my predicament
  8. Mr. Schuester from Glee once told me to “SETTLE DOWN” when I fell into him while in New York.
  9. I once called my boss thinking I had called Steven and said “Hi babe, what are your plans tonight?”
  10. I rear ended cop

This doesn’t even scrape the surface…hahah I do embarrassing things daily, some of which I didn’t know if I would ever recover from in the moment. I hope you are all having a wonderful day, and when you are not you can come back to these lists (more to come) and realize that life is tough but we are all in this together! I am sure you can navigate life more gracefully than I have. haha

Is it a bad day? Or was it five minutes you milked the whole day?



2 Replies to “Bad Day? READ THIS TO CHEER UP. (10 reasons your day was less cringey than mine)”

  1. These sorta made me feel better about the day i had on Sunday. Ok so i was at the beach this weekend and i took my brother and sister to 3 different parks from Pismo up to Cambria. We went to a Morro bay park that we all were playing on and up to Cambria for froyo and went on the beach and on the play ground there and i was crawling thru the tubes and going down slides and climbing the tall rock walls and such. This guy was there who pulled a Joey and said “how you doin” and was trying to hit on me ? Like obvi im a single mom back off! ? theres all these kids, dads and moms around while we were playing. We also went to another beach on the way back down to my moms house (an hour and a half drive) (this was an all day thing!) and i dropped my brother and sister off and me and my bf got in the car to come home and i went to itch my crotch/thigh area and MY FREAKING CROTCH IN MY TIGHTS IS BLOWN OUT! LIKE RIPPED THE HECK OPEN. Like the hem towards the back of my crotch is totally just shredded open. I wasss mortified! ????? but i mean what could i do?! ??‍♀️ i just wanna know when it happened ?? also my brother and sister (4 & 6) didnt let a sister know?! Betrayal! I even got on all fours in the car and asked my bf if it was bad and he looked and said “oh fuck.” ????????????????‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ Like if i was at that park and a mom i would have told them! Yes i would have died on the spot but still! Like thank goodness for underwear but still!!! Im glad we can bond over being embarrrrr!

    1. HAHAHAH oh my gosh I am dying!! You are like who saw what. I love how you got on all fours to have him check aahah I would do the same thing. If I were there I would have had your back girl!!

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