California Adventures: The start of something new.


I have tons of fun updating you guys on my adventures living in California on my Instagram stories. I love living life to the fullest, being crazy, and experiencing new things. The other night I was thinking of a new fun aspect of my blog that I could add and thought it could be fun to write out all of my adventures. Instagram stories disappear, but blog posts are forever. haha

Here will be a tell-all about funny experiences and what I am up to in California. Feel free to ask any questions or let me know fun things you like to do here!

Steven and I moved here because of his job. He is in sales and his summers are especially crazy. He basically leaves when the sun comes up and comes home after it sets. The weekends are our favorite because we get to spend time together, but lets be real..we just nap a lot. haha

The first week we came out we stocked up on fun experiences. We went to the Late Late show with James Corden. It was so fun and he is absolutely hilarious. At the beginning they jokingly said that Adele was the guest. (I didn’t know it was a joke so I went people thought I was in danger) The show felt bad so they gave me a James Corden Tee. hahah

We also went to a lot of Lip-sync battles, Jimmy Kimmel, and a few other randoms. There are a lot of ways to get tickets to shows (over the weeks I will share my experience getting tickets for different events) but one of the easiest ways is All you have to do is create a log in and then sign up for shows. You want to make sure you sign up for shows that you can actually attend because they will give you points if you attend and you do not want to get a low score or you will have a harder time getting tickets. Once you sign up always check your email daily because you will only have about 24 hours to accept the tickets in a lot of cases.

Can’t wait to share the craziness with you, there is truly no place like California and I am having the time of my life. Love you all!




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