CURRENT JAMS (and a little throwback)

My iTunes has not been update since about 2001. (Did iTunes even exist then? Not sure. haha) So my phone is basically one huge throwback, which I love. I am the type of person who loves a song and listens to it 2 million times in a row until I am sick of it and then move on to the next. Hence the reason I do not purchase music. What I love doing is searching songs I love on Youtube and listening to all of the covers. I always have them on in the background of my Insta stories and every single time I get a ton of messages asking what songs I am playing. I am going to start to do a monthly Youtube playlist for you guys so here is April’s!

Also–these are from Colorado Donuts in Eagle Rock and I am LIVING (and most likely dying) for them right now! So feast your eyes while you jam out. haha salivatingggg.

  1. Boom Clap by Lennon and Maisy 
  2. That’s What I like by Ericka Guitron 
  3. No Scrubs/Shape of you by Sabrina Carpenter
  4. Give me Love by Carly Rose Sonenclar
  5. Photograph by Bea Miller and Boyce Avenue
  6. Thinkin Bout You by Tori Kelly
  7. Say You Won’t Let Go by Raphiel Shannon
  8. Stitches by Shawn Mendes and Hailee Steinfeld 
  9. The A Team by Grace VanderWaal
  10. I didn’t have one for number ten but as I was searching for these covers I had a memory flood back to me. In college I had to do this huge project for a religion class and the day before it was due I was freaking out. I remember dragging a dropping a bunch of random photos into a slideshow and then had my roommate Danni play the piano while I sang. I then put slapped it all together and called it good. I pulled it up on the computer at the front of the class and it had like ten views (just randoms) so I go “Whoo I got ten views, famoussss” and everyone just stared at me blankly. AWKWARD. haha But homegirl pulled through with an A. I just found it again HERE. So here is a jam for your Sunday worships. hahah no shame. I got a little too jazzy on some parts but it made me laugh. THROWBACK to when I wanted to be Beyonce. (jk that is still current)

Can’t wait until next months playlist, let me know if you have any of your own faves!



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