14697132_10154038076628177_758697620_oThis is one of my favorite times of year!! I am HUGE into Holiday decor, but not huge on breaking the bank. haha  I hope these DIY Halloween decor ideas will help you think of some fun ways to spice up your place!


Halloween prints: I found these prints HERE and they are 100% free! I printed them on photo paper and put them in some frames and clipboards that I already had on a little shelf above the couch.

“Happy Halloween” garland: There are so many cute holiday garlands to choose from. I wanted a super simple one that wouldn’t take away from the prints, so I decided to make one! I bought black letter stickers and a black posterboard from Target (total=under $5). I then stuck the letters onto the posterboard, cute them out, and then flipped them over so they had the matte look of the posterboard. I then taped them on to a little string and hung it! Super cute, simple, and cheap!


I wanted to add a little something to my front table, so I decided to make these cute poison bottles. I already had about five random jars at my house that I wasn’t using, so I used those as well as a few that I picked up from Hobby Lobby! (only a few dollars each). I then printed the free labels HERE. I spray painted each bottle with chalkboard paint (turns out a matte black but does not scratch off). I then used spray adhesive on the back of each label and stuck them onto the jars. (The far left silver jar was a find from Marshall’s! TJ Maxx also has a great selection.)

The garland($3) behind the picture frame and the “31”($3) are from Target.

I took an old frame that I had and stretched some webbing over it, added a few spiders and it made a great backdrop!




(The lighting in my living room wasn’t very good, but the photo above shows the true color of the labels and jars.)



The velvet bats above are from Target’s dollar section (which is the and I buy tons of stuff from that section!) Weave-

I LOVE Fiber and Fringe weaves, go check out her site! She has a super cute instagram as well with all of her selection.

I had so much fun making my own Halloween decor! Comment with any questions, or with your favorite Halloween decor ideas!

Xoxo, Suzy

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