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When I decorated my house in Boise (I miss that cute little thing so much) I had a ton of questions about the hanging shelf in my bedroom! I originally got the idea from Urban Outfitters, but I had just spent a ton of money on other furnishings and I realized that it would probably not be that hard to make. Sadly, the shelf is still at my old house and won’t be shipped to my new place for about a mont, but I still wanted to explain how I made it to all who asked!

mine= Under $10                          This one=$65


Step 1: Take a boy to Home Depot with you and tell him your vision/send him to the wood aisle to make it happen.

Step 2: Show him the photo of the shelf on Pinterest and tell him if he doesn’t help you that he will have to give you $65 to buy the pre-made shelf from Urban.

Step 3: If you don’t have a boy that is okay. Women are just as capable (it just might take longer if you do not understand basic building like myself hahah)

All joking aside here are the real steps:

  1. Find a long piece of wood only and inch or two thick (depending on how heavy duty you would like the shelf)
  2. Ask someone in the wood department to cut it into 6 pieces. 4 of the pieces will be nailed together to make the shelf, two longer pieces will be nailed to the back to keep everything together) If you show the photo to someone at Home Depot they will know what you are talking about. haha
  3. Grab some wood stain and top coat (I used matte but there is also glossy if that is your style) my stain was $4 and I already had the top coat but it is only a few dollars as well.
  4. Once you get your wood (this cost me about $2) lay them out on some newspaper and stain them with 1-2 coat. Then apply that top coat and let dry.
  5. You will then want to play around with the pieces to see how which sides/pieces you want where. The main thing that you need to make sure of is that you have the four pieces going vertical and the two on the back will be horizontal.
  6. Then, just nail the two long pieces to the back of your shelf base. Keep your shelf flipped upside-down and grab some heavy duty string/twine. I knew I wouldn’t be using this for super heavy items so I staple gunned my string to the bottom of each corner of the wood and then gathered them above the shelf and tied it all in a know. I then secured it to the wall and I was done!

Such a cute and fun hack and it is under $10! Let me know if you have any questions and be sure to tag me in your creations!



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  1. um, ok, me. I’m constantly going up to Kyle with my phone, like, “hey. make me dis?” “Also can you go to Lowe’s without me because I hate it.” I would have nowhere to put this in my house right now, but I’m gunna pin it for lata because I need it. Thanks for sharing ladyyyy!

    1. hahah yes so me too! I have the ideas, he makes them happen. Thanks so much for checking the post out. xoxo

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