As a lot of you know I just moved and am decorating the living room. Moving is expensive so I like to save money in any way that I can. I wanted to do a gallery wall, but frames can be SO expensive! I had two prints that already had wooden dowel frames, so I thought I would make some of my own instead of spending a couple hundred dollars getting frames for the rest.

What you will need:

-wood (I used 1in wide wood from my local hardware store)



-small screw eyes

-white spray paint

-leather string

Step 1:

You’ll need to measure your prints/photos across the top to see the length of wood you will need for each piece.  (one piece for the top and one for the bottom)

I grabbed wood that was one inch wide and 3/16ths width. (don’t go any thinner than this or the screw eye will not go through)

Step 2: Ask someone at the hardware store to cut the wood into the pieces that you need! Ain’t nobody got time to cut their own wood. haha Make sure to grab all of the other items that you will need for this project while you are there!

Step 3: Lay out some cardboard or newspaper and start staining the wood.

I chose the shade “special walnut” and loved how it turned out! This can was only a few dollars and the paintbrush was 99 cents.I did two coats and then let it dry for about an hour. Step 4: Lay out all of the wood on top of the prints to make sure you have all of the right sizes. Now it is time to add the hooks.Step 5: Paint the hooks white. (Kudos if you can find hooks that are already white, or you can leave them silver!) I dried these with a blowdryer just to make sure they were extra dry since I had to handle them a lot with my hands.  Step 6: Screw the hooks in! I made a little indent right where I wanted the hook with its tip and then proceeded to turn it until it was fully screwed in.

**So sorry not sure what happened but when I originally uploaded this the step about gluing the frames was left out. I used a pot of craft glue to glue the thin strips of wood to the prints!

Step 7: Add the string! I chose leather rope from Michaels, twine would also be cute.  I looped the leather through the hook and then superglued the tip back onto the base of the string so it makes a loop. 

Once you have done these steps to all of your prints you are ready to hang them! I like to look on Pinterest for gallery wall layouts, though I usually just end up making something random up and it all works out!

I got all of my prints from Society6. Everything cost me well under $50, I cannot believe I was about to spend a few hundred to frame these! Tag me in your creations, I want to see! Comment below with any questions.




  1. Wait I feel like I missed how you attached the frames to the prints?! Did you just glue them?

  2. How are the prints attached to the wood?

  3. I absolutely LOVE this! But did I miss a step when scrolling when you explained how to attach the wood to the print? I want to tackle this project this weekend and want to make sure I do it correctly! x

  4. How were the prints attached to the wood? The project I’m wanting to do this for includes using old pages, very old paper but I don’t want to ruin the pages by gluing it.

    1. I used glue, there are frames that you can buy that look the same as mine from urban outfitters (you slide the photo in, so it wouldn’t ruin the photos but they are about $30 each) 🙂

  5. I also saw tutorials online that people added magnet strips or little magnets glued on the inside!

  6. I love this vibe! Such a cute space. I love your moon picture!

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