FATHER’S DAY (feat Caitlyn Jenner)

Happy Father’s Day!

To any Father’s that may secretly be reading this, you broaden my demographic so THANK YOUZZ.

This weekend I went to my sister’s baby shower in El Paso Texas aka Mexico. We had such a fun time getting her baby clothes and redoing her baby nursery! We only went to Tj Maxx, Target and flipped that room in about 8 hours.



She wanted a guest room/baby nursery in the same room so we catered to both!

My mom and I then headed to the airport about 4:30 am to head back home.

Once I landed in LA, Steven and Boss picked me up we did a little house hunting near the beach. (We do this every weekend just for fun and this time Steven stopped the car and turned to me and says “Are we old people?” Why yes, Steven that we are. hahah After realizing that we will never be able to afford any of the houses in this lifetime we headed home. We stopped off at a car show that was right by our house on the way. Steven LOVES cars. Like not the type of love where he only posts photos of cars on his Instagram for weeks and weeks, but definitely the type where you can find him standing side by side with another dude, arms folded talking about the car in front of them.

Anyways, he loves European cars and this car show was his JAM. As we walked up to this super cute red and white car he says “Suz, look its your girl!” and I look up and standing directly in front of me is Kendall Jenner! The fact that he even recognized her gave me life. hahah you are a gem, Steven. He then he turns to Caitlyn Jenner and goes.. and…? He kind of knows who Caitlyn is but is still confused about it all, he isn’t really into pop culture. haha I snapped some photos and said hello, Kendall was looking PERF in her jean dress, white tennis shoes and some cat eye sunnies. Kendall was playing it cool and not drawing much attention to herself, and there were only a few people standing there with us. Caitlyn on the other hand, was LIVING and answering everyone’s questions, taking photos etc. Actually quite refreshing after meeting some RUDE celebrities here. (I will save that for another post)

After that we headed to church, went home for a short nap. (it isn’t a good nap unless you wake up at 11pm wondering where you I and if you are still living)

I woke up to Steven serving me two pieces of pizza in bed. BEST DAY EVER. Before you have kids Mother’s and Father’s day is kind of awkward. Like you want to show your appreciation, but you also aren’t technically parent’s so then you make jokes about being fur parents and hope its sufficient. One day we will have kids and then Steven better dang well have a parade for me.

Now I am off to my last dentist appointment at Cupcake Dentist’s office. (Root canals are zero fun and never ending, never eating sugar again.) Jk, eating sugar now. Still haven’t told him I know who he is–too weird at this point. hahah

Love you all and have a fab day!




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