Hello! Just wanted to share with you all some quick and easy gift wrapping ideas. I used brown paper (can be found at the dollar store) and then grabbed a bunch of random string and tie ons to add a little touch to each package. My favorite is the one with the white pom poms. I put a bunch of glue dots on the front of the package and then threw some pom poms with a gold ribbon!

The book above is a book I wrote for Steven the Christmas when we were engaged. The whole thing rhymes and I worked really hard on it! It is in the rhythm of “Twas the Night before Christmas” and is all about fun times we have had together. We read it every year and it is so fun to look back on all of our memories. I write him a new one every year (but haven’t actually printed one since this one). This year I am writing him a new one and can’t wait to surprise him with it!! I highly recommend doing this as a creative gift that will never be suspected. (It made Steven precious).

Christmas is just around the corner! Good luck with all of your Christmas shopping and present wrapping.



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