I’m in love with the Cocoa. I had so much fun getting this hot cocoa bar together for a little Christmas get together that I had. The only thing you’ll need to have your own party is some hot cocoa and…the rest is up to you! Get super creative with your toppings. I had a bunch of mason jars instead of cups and each spoon was coated in chocolate just to add a little flavor!

I made two types of spoons. The first spoon has butterscotch and marshmallows, and the second has white chocolate and crushed peppermint.

I LOVE white chocolate covered pretzels, but these are by far the best I have ever made. I tried using pretzel thins this time instead of regular pretzels and it is SO MUCH BETTER. They are like sugary potato chips and I dare you to try eating just one. I dipped them into the white chocolate, and then while it was still hot I sprinkled the peppermint on. Super easy!

This little cocoa bar is pretty self explanatory, but I wanted to share it with you so that you get inspired for your own Christmas bash. Let me know which combinations you love! (Make sure to light a Christmas candle and throw on some Christmas tunes and you are set.)




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