THE LAST BOOKSTORE (with @jordwatches)


Hope everyone is having a great week! Last week @samstercool12 and I headed over to a place called “The Last Bookstore” to get some shots and check the place out. If you are in the LA area and haven’t been you have to go! There are so many little places inside to discover and a bunch of great photo ops. (if you are into that type of thing–I am guilty)

I thought this would be the perfect place to snap a few shots of my new watch that I am LOVING from @jordwatches. If you head over to their website HERE, you can see what they are all about. I love that they say “moments are more than minutes” and that they are about making time count. I couldn’t agree more.

I love this place and how retro it is! SO many beautiful plants, records and books.

When JORD watches contacted me to collaborate, it was so hard to select which watch I wanted! There are so many beautiful options. I decided to go with THIS watch, I love how neutral it is and how it goes with everything.

 The watch came in the cutest packaging, with everything that I need to keep my watch looking as beautiful as when it arrived! I love mine so much that I wanted to host a giveaway.

All you have to do is go to this link:
(add your name, email and which watch you would like if selected)
The Giveaway will close Oct. 15th at 11:59 PM. The winner will receive $100 E gift code for their watch, and ALL other entrants will recieve $25 towards a watch of their choice as well! Everyone wins! (all codes will expire Dec. 31st, 2017)
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