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I wanted to share something with you that could possibly change your life. Over the years I have probably shattered…over ten phones. NOT EVEN KIDDING. For some reason I always drop everything. I love those cute dainty phone cases that I would see at the phone store, but I always had to go with one of those chunky MASSIVE cases that took me back to the early 2000s. Whenever I drop my phone it would always land on the screen, without fail. I then discovered these glass protectors that are super slim, sleek and you cannot even tell anything is on the screen. BUT WAIT, it gets better. @moxyo has screen covers with SPARKLESSSSS. Give me all the sparkles. It sparkles when your phone is off, and then they disappear while your phone is on so it doesn’t make the screen foggy or hard to see at all.

I first wiped off my screen with the microfiber cloth that was provided. It left a tiny bit of dust behind, so I grabbed their dust removal stickers and removed the excess. Once my phone was clean, I was ready to apply the sticker! Guess what? Now if I drop my phone the sticker will crack instead of my screen cracking. Then all I do is peel it off (my screen is unharmed) and I apply a new sticker. IM OBSESSED.

Boss always likes to help. The application was super easy. I started from the bottom and slowly let the sticker down and worked my way up so that there were not any air bubbles. I was amazed at how easy it was to line everything up and put it into place.

You can kind of see the sparkles in this, but it is nothing like the shimmer in person! (Did I mention I love sparkles?!)

Check out all of their great products!

Instagram: @moxyobrand (if you love glitter you will love their account!)

I hope you all have an amazing day, let me know if you have any questions!



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