Helloooo! IT IS THE NEW YEAR! Whoo. Another year that I can make resolutions to be healthy and then forget about them a few weeks later, right?! I am going to try reallllly hard this year to get into the best shape of my life. DONT HOLD YOUR BREATH, but stay tuned. ahah

My friend Jessica and I are always trying to do health challenges (I say trying because–chick-fil-a happens) BUT our current one is that we will not have sugar OR eat out until February 27th. (This is when she goes to Hawaii so I am living through her). Therefore, I will be meal prepping like there is no tomorrow so that I cannot cheat.

Something that I have really wanted to get better at is cooking regularly. Last year we went out to eat WAY too much. Steven and I are both pretty busy and by the time we get home we are way too hungry to sit and cook a full meal. I found these FAB green bento boxes HERE on Amazon. They are dishwasher/microwave safe and reusable! They are heavy duty enough to keep long term, but not thick enough that I would feel bad throwing one out if I brought it somewhere and could not wash it. This week I made Steven three different meal options and I will link the recipes below!

-3 orange chicken boxes (recipe HERE)

-3 spaghetti boxes (just your regular spaghetti and meatballs on this one!)

-3 Beef burrito skillet boxes (recipe HERE)

The boxes that I made for myself have chicken, a salad and fruit/extra vegetables. I am trying to eat super clean, but Steven would be a hangry HANGRY man if I made him eat salad daily.

I will be posting my weekly meal prep with fun new recipes! (most weeks I will repeat a recipe because AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME TO BE FULL-FLEDGED BETTY CROCKER.) Now, I know that I am going to get comments and eye rolls and “How do you have time for this? I am way to busy” already have….no shade, I’m over it hahah. BUT this actually did not take half as long as it would have if I had prepped one of these meals every night this week. I made it all at once and some of the ingredients are used in multiple meals so that helps save time!

Let me know if you have any fun meal prep ideas, I would love some tips and tricks!



Suzy Shattuck

4 Replies to “MEAL PREP”

  1. I need to do this, I’m so proud of you!!! I always think “this takes too long” haha

    1. In the long run it saves time, but I know what you mean! haha

  2. Those are the coolest boxes! The last 6 months or so I’ve really been working on meal planning, it’s kind of exciting!

    1. Isn’t it so fun?! Good luck!

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