It has been awhile, but she is baaaack and going to be better at posting on the blog!

I have so many exciting things coming up and want to say THANK YOU for all of your support! 2018 is OUR year and I want to inspire everyone to live their best life, don’t take no for an answer, say no to comfort zones, and make moves! Last year Steven and I decided to pick up and move to LA. It was not easy and we work our butts off to make everything work, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I didn’t even have a job, had no idea what would happen if I couldn’t find one and we couldn’t pay rent, but I wasn’t letting anything stop me! This year make that one choice that will change your life. I used to look at other people on social media and think “How does she get to go on all these vacations?!” “Woah, how did they buy that house?!” Etc. The second that I stopped focusing on others and realized that I was the only one keeping myself from doing the same my life changed. Sleep is a thing of the past honey. haha

Anyways, this is just something random that I was thinking about but I think that a lot of people deal with comparison as well. If you are one who deals with this and are not satisfied with your life I challenge you to write a list of your goals and do not stop until you hit every single one this year!

One of my personal goals is to get back into traveling and I am going to work super hard until I can make it all happen! (Insert a bunch of health goals as well but Steven just put some tots in the oven so we will revisit that another day) hahah

What are your goals?! I want to hear them and we can help each other stay accountable.

Cheers to 2018, it will be the best yet!

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