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So let’s be real here for a second. Unless you are a fashion blogger level 85000, celebrity, or just won the lottery, you most likely do not have the funding to wear a completely different outfit every day.(none of which are me) On Instagram I like to show a bunch of fun different looks, but in real life I wear the same stuff allll the time! It’s all about mixing and matching and making the most of what you got. You can get a ton of different looks out of one top! I like this top from because I can wear it so many different ways. Here I paired it with some red pants, a red lip and some white flats. 

I call this one “When you pull up to Target on pay day”


I then thought it would be fun to do more neutral look with this brown button up dress (from Ross) over the top of it. The sleeves are my favorite part of the top!     

I paired this with a pair of khaki platform sandals (insert video of me eating it HARD in the sand) I DO IT FOR YOU. hahah

I could have come up with tons of different ways to style this versatile top, I just wanted to share two with you!

TIPS FOR BEING AN OUTFIT REPEATER (UNDERCOVER) **there is nothing wrong with repeating outfits, these are just some fun tips if you are getting tired of what you have)

+Buy basics

(I used to always only want to buy crazy patterns and colors, which is fun but not always realistic. Always have some plain colored v necks, a variety of cuts of jeans that you can mix and match.)

+Swap out your shoes and accessories.

(This can make an outfit you have already worn look completely different!)

+Play around with your outfit.

(sometimes on Sunday before the new weeks starts I like to try stuff on and play around with it. Knot the tee, cuff the jeans, roll up/down the sleeves, button a shirt all the way to the top, leave it unbuttoned. It sounds simple but this can make it a whole different feel.

+Swap clothes with your friends!

If there is a pile of stuff you know you aren’t going to wear/haven’t worn in weeks text some friends and do a big clothing swap. You’ll be surprised at the things they don’t want and they might love what you have. (not recommended for siblings as fights will ensue..hahah)

I feel so lucky to have so many supportive people who share the same passions as me! Fashion can be fun, but it doesn’t have to be stressful or super expensive all the time.

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  1. “Lizzie McGuire is an outfit repeater!!”– a line that truly traumatized me and has since caused endless amounts of clothes hoarding! I love this post! 😀

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