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Hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend! Steven and I spent ours moving in and at the beach. We are SO close to having everything in place, I cannot wait until our place is all finished and clean! (can’t handle moving in clutterrrrrr)

I thought it would be fun to start trying out viral products/multilevel marketing products for you guys and letting you know if they work or not! (so comment below if there is something you want to me to try)

The first thing I chose to try is the unblemish regimen from Rodan+Fields. I have been seeing SO many people posting about using/selling/wanting to try it on my Facebook feed. I have seen some crazy before and afters and wanted to try it for myself. (Before I start I wanted to add that all opinions are my own and I was not paid to share this with you) Probably about 8-10 months ago I noticed that my best friend Jessica’s skin was GLOWING. Not a blemish on her skin and it looked like someone had used the blur effect on photoshop on her. haha it seriously looked amazing! I asked her what she was using and she told me she was using the unblemish regimen from R+F. I wanted to try it but was scared to make an investement in another skincare product just to throw it in one of my bins. (I have a lot of product bins haha)

Fast forward to my friend from High School messaging me that she sells it and at this point I just knew I needed to try it! There are a few different regimens, but my acne was getting awful from moving, being stressed, getting off current birth control etc.

Here are some frightening before photos: (none of the photos on this post were edited or altered in any way except for these first two that were cropped.)

This is tame compared to what my acne was weeks before this. I was putting so much makeup over it and my face hurt.

I used the product for over two months and took photos every week for the first three! This is what the regimen looks like:

These products were created by the same people that made Proactiv(which I had tried way back in the day and loved, but it felt a little harsh for my skin) The first step is the face cleanser. It is easy to use, just rub onto your face and wash off with water, pat dry with a towel. Then comes the toner. I use a cotton swab and apply it over my whole face (waiting a bit for it to fully dry) Then Step 3 is a dual part lotion/cleanser and then you finish off with the mattifying lotion (which makes your skin look and feel like velvet and has sunscreen in it!)

My first reaction is that my skin felt cleaner than it ever had. Ive used a ton of different products that have left my skin feeling raw and sticky, but this stuff did not!

Week 1 results:

As you can see a lot of my spots were reduced, but my biggest victory is that my skin didn’t hurt. My acne was killing my face and at this point everything had been pulled out. (My skin got a tiny bit dry so I had to make sure to moisturize it quite a bit)

Week 2 results:

At this point my skin was almost 100% clear, I just had some acne scarring so I got an IPL photofacial! I was shocked at how fast this product worked and was convinced my skin would bounce back to how it used to be–full of acne.

Final Photo:


I did not edit these photos in any way, shape, or form. I even left Steven in the back with his redbull for you 🙂 haha

I still have a few little sunspots and scars, but as far as acne..I have none. HALLELUJAH!

My favorite thing about this skincare regimen is that my skin looks smooth. It shrunk my pores and made my skin feel airbrushed even when I don’t wear makeup. My makeup goes on SO much smoother when I do wear it. Rodan+Fields Suzy approved? YES!

I am just about to order my second round, I have definitely found my new favorite skin care regimen.

Pros- Great skin in days, money back guarantee, easy to use, easy to travel with, controls breakouts.

Cons- Dries out the skin (I only had to moisturize my face multiple times for about 2-3 days and then my skin was fine)

Price- Higher end, completely worth clear skin for me!

They have a money back guarantee, so why not try it out?! I get mine through Kirstie Christensen. Instagram: @kirstie189. They have a few different regimens for different skin concerns. Contact/ follow her for more info!

Let me know if you have any questions!



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