Im baaacckkk!

More fun items from Roolee Boutique coming your way! You know that shop on Instagram that you follow that doesn’t even have one item that you don’t love?! That is Roolee for me. GIVE ME ALL THE ROOLEE. Okay, settling down now.

I have about five pairs of pants that I wear over on repeat because they are comfy, and homegirl is picky about her pants. (Now I sound like Corinne from the Bachelor, referring to myself in the third person. #prayforcorinne ahaha) I now have six staple pairs after receiving these beauties. I promise you these are the comfiest pants/leggings that you will ever wear. They feel more like leggings, but are thick enough that your mom won’t make you go back in your bedroom and change. (because apparently leggings are not pants…yes they are, mother.)  I am wearing a medium and they fit like a glove, but will loosen up after a few wears so I could have sized down for a bit of a tighter fit.

Link to Moto Leggings HERE.

This top is also extremely comfy and forgiving (those Holidays don’t play). I love the little detail at the waste and the slight acid wash denim look that it has. Another one of my all time faves from Roolee!

Link to Mountaineer Peplum in Denim HERE.

One of my favorite things about Roolee is their shoe collection. If you have a shoe fetish, run away now because this is a dangerous place to be. While typing this I actually went to their website just to admire all of their shoes. hahah cant stop, wont stop. These booties are comfy and cute for any season! (I recommend sizing a half to a full size down with these)

Link to Florence Booties in copper HERE

Lauryn’s cute coat is also from the boutique as well and I LOVE how she styled it! The detail inside the hood is my favorite and goes so well with her scarf.

Just a little sultry shot for the finale. haha you know the drill. Huge thanks to @alexa_harris_makeup for these gorgeous makeup looks!

Also: @evelyneslava_ for the fabulous photography and @h2blowdrybar for the lovely curls.

If you haven’t checked out Roolee you must go see all of their amazing clothing. Thanks so much for stopping by, have a wonderful day!





  1. You two picked out the cutest outfits! I love Roolee!! xx

  2. Those pants are great! I have been looking for a pair with zippers for so long! I’ll go check out their site now!

  3. Total babes right here!!!! Loved this post & you guys look so stylish!

  4. Tarah Peacock says: Reply

    I’m obsessed with Roolee too, and I’m obsessed with your outfit as well!

  5. You really rocked those jeggings!!!


  6. Hi Suzy!
    love reading your blog and looking at all your beautiful photos! I just have a question about Roolee Boutique. I have stumbled upon the website and everything is catching my eye, I cannot contain myself. Since I live in Canada and do not have access to a store, my only option is to order online. In regards to sizing, how do the tops and bottoms fit? Does everything run tight like American Eagle? I am usually a size small but I like clothing like tops to fit looser for comfort and style. I hope you can help me out before I order!

    1. Hi! I believe they only have one location and it is in Utah so I order online as well.(since I am in California) All of their pieces are from different designers, so they will fit differently. I usually like to get a medium so that everything fits loose, but it varies piece to piece!

      1. OH! I didnt know it was only In Utah! Okay thanks for your advice. I just from looking at the models online, clothing items seem to have a looser fit but then it’s specified that they are wearing small so it’s hard to believe everything fits that big! Do you find it true to size or on the bigger side?

        1. I would say it is pretty true to size, they generally just have looser styles.Especially in sweaters!

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