My skincare routine/at home SPA DAY! (with @thegoodstuffbotanicals)

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Things have been crazy with moving and my skin definitely took a turn for the worst. I bought a ton of different products and was piling product over product trying to clear my acne. My skin felt extra oily and was itchy and sore. THANK HEAVENS I found out about The Good Stuff Botanicals. They have all natural products that cleanse the skin without all of the extra/unneccessary stuff. My skin feels so clean with zero blackheads and is so radiant. I am going to share with you a little bit about the products that I use and how you can have your own at home spa day!


At home Spa Day:

Step 1: Mud scrub

This comes in a powder and you mix it with honey and distilled water until it turns into a paste. Exfoliating your skin in a non harmful way is SO important and this is the perfect thing to do it. It also reduces fine lines which is something that I definitely need!(blame it on smiling and huge facial expressions haha but my lines are bad)

Step 2: Dark Matter

This is an activated coconut charcoal mask for spot treatment, or can be used as a full face mask! (I use it all over, especially under my eyes to reduce the bags under them) After using this I really noticed that it pulled out a ton of dirt that had gathered around my nose and chin, leaving my skin looking so bright!

Step 3: Oil change

All skin has natural oil, but it can collect dirt and grime which can cause acne. With this oil you are dissolving away the dirts and oils and replacing it with clean oil that nourishes the skin!

Step 4: Earth Tone

Now that you have pulled everything out of your skin you want to tone and tighten the skin. This formula balances PH and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It can also sooth rashes and SO many other amazing things that you can check out on their website. (so many awesome health benefits)

Step 5: Gypsy Cream

This is my JAMMM. My legs get really dry and scaly after I shave no matter what I do. Lotion never soaks in and oil just slides right off. This cream soaks in so nicely while still leaving that dewy glow on top of the skin. (I use this on my face too but I just wanted to share that I LOVE it on my legs as well.) This cream aids in cell reconstruction leaving you with young fabulous skin!


Two other products from them that I love:

Steam Me (herbal facial steam) All you have to do is bring 2 quarts of water to a boil and throw in some of the herbs from the bottle. You then drape a towel over the back of your head and lower your face above the pot to capture all of the herbs and steam. Wait 15 minutes and your skin is good to go. No need to get an expensive facial when you can have it all right at home!

Black seed and green coffee eye serum:

I LOVE EYE SERUMS. And I am very picky and watch very closely if they work because of the bags under my eyes. I apply this below my eyes every night and my bags are almost invisible now. I also apply it on some really deep wrinkles and have seen a huge improvement!

I love investing my my skin and feel so great that I am using all natural products. (60% of what you put onto your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream, crazy right?!) After learning this from them I am much pickier about the products that I use.

Give them a follow @thegoodstuffbotanicals and let me know your favorite products or if you have any questions!






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