Hey guys! Halloween is so close and I cannotttt wait! I threw together a few Halloween hair ideas for any of those parties or events that you might be going to!


Step 1- Pull your hair into a ponytail and secure with a rubberband.

Step 2- Fold the scarf or bandana into a triangle. Continue folding scarf over until it is one long, skinny piece.

Step 3- Tie the scarf around the ponytail. I couldn’t find a Halloween scarf so I just used a white scarf that I had. It would be super cute with any festive scarf!


Step 1- Section off one piece of hair a few inches from the front of your head/a few inches above the ear.

Step 2- Split the hair into three pieces, holding a pipe cleaner with one of the three.

Step three begin your braid making sure the pipe cleaner stays in with one strand of hair so that it is woven into your braid.

Step 4 -Tie off your braid with a clear elastic rubber band.

Step 5- Circle your braid around so that the end meets the beginning and secure with a bobby pin.

(it should now look like a Mickey Mouse year, now shape it into a triangle, it will shape very easily because of the wire in the pipe cleaner.)

Once you have it shaped into the desired cat ear shape move to the next side!


Step 1- Pull your hair in to a low side ponytail

(I did a fishtail braid, but if you do not know how to when you can do any type of braid that you want.)

Step 2- Place one hand on each side of the braid and pull out moving up-and-down the braid to thicken it and loosen it a bit.

Step 3- Take some little plastic spiders and place them on the braid moving them around a bit so that they are stuck and secure. Feel free to hairspray the braid to make sure that spiders will stay.


I hope you guys enjoyed these Quick easy Halloween hair ideas, tag me in any that you test out and Happy Halloween!!



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